Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The rub

It's been a rather eventful week, what with a Big birthday, snow here and there (very  much here today, and I had to abandon my car half way to work and walk back home!) I also went back to the gym after a three week break, and have picked up my three times a week exercise regime again. One of the things I love about going to the gym (and there arn't many, believe me, I find exercise BORING!) is that it makes my brain work. and it needs all the help it can get. So in between all the rush of ideas for new storylines and new books, poems and songs that write themselves in my head (and then half the time I can't remember later....!) was the sudden realisation that I had not been working on my current book as much as I should.

And therin lies the rub. I am not happy with it.It dawned on me that I have spent too much time delving into the history of assorted characters instead of getting on with the story. I have swung from one period in time to another and back again with little justification and have not felt the same sense of satisfaction that I was feeling as I was writing the first. So I am going to start again, and it has taken me a while to admit it.

I am not unhappy with the writing itself, and some may reappear later, or in another book - no writing is wasted, and I believe that something is learned from all experiences. I will use some parts of what I have written, but I am going to start again. The whole trilogy is about a magic house; I want to focus a bit more on that. and I will begin with the immortal, if unoriginal words, "Once upon a time"  (there was a house...)  and take it from there.

Wish me luck....

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