Sunday, 1 September 2013


I have spent a considerable amount of time editing, and today completed Sadie's House, the revised edition!! Now there may be those of you who think that I should have done this in the first place, and I had. It has now been edited, read, revised, re read and revised again about 5 times. and somewhere you have to stop. I might have more ideas in another 6 months, or 16 months, or 6 years, but I can't keep going over it!

 I had some really useful feedback from the first (revised and edited) edition, and this has led to me taking out parts of the story which, although I knew were well written, were not actually contributing anything to the story. It was painful, but I have removed over 13000 words of text!! Ouch! I had added other details along the way, which have moved the story and helped to develop characters more productively, and I am very happy with the result.

I had seen the note below along the way, which suggested to me that at over 110000 word, the story was in any case, a bit too long, so this is another reason why I have done the right thing. I have also found a publisher  who I am very excited about and am preparing to approach, (but I will save details of that next particular venture until a later date!!) I am very excited about the book.
How long should your novel be?
According to agents in today’s market here’s the word count for your average commercial literary novel:
Below 70,000: Too short
100,000 or above: Too long
75,000 – 90,000: Sweet spot

Meanwhile, summer seems to have come and gone all too quickly. I have other interests, and have spent a busy summer travelling with family, catching up with friends, making rag dolls, baking and a week spent in summer school for the new year group. Now comes the imminent return to school and writing will have to be confined to working around my family. The nights are drawing in already, September is here and winter is waiting around the corner. I refuse to mention the festive ~C word just yet, but it's there, waiting - cards are in the shops already! Yikes - where does the time go!

So happy end of summer to everyone - I will be blogging more frequently now the Big Edit is done, although my good friend Albie is tapping me on the shoulder now so I will have to pay him a visit.
Have a great week!

PS Sadie's House; The Key is now in the `sweet spot` at just over 97000 words!

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