Monday, 20 June 2016

I'm expecting!!! (Book Two is on its way.....!)

I have some happy news! So I finally sent my second manuscript to the publishers! And what agony it's been as I have edited, edited again, double checked, asked friends to proof read, ( and huge thanks to them for their kind assistance!) edited again and re read. I even took it with me on a romantic trip to Cyprus with the hubby, and continued editing by the pool! No rest for the wicked, they say! But I have to say, even though it's taken nearly six months (just to edit!) I am proud of the finished product and hoping that between us, we have nailed it.

If you remember, my first book was rather riddled with silly little mistakes which had been sadly overlooked due to my haste in publishing ( for personal reasons which I won't dwell on). So I have been all the more determined to polish this and not publish until I was satisfied.  But careful editing alone won't make a good book, of course. I have worked very hard on the story, and love the premise and my characters. So here's a quick synopsis.

Once upon a time, a little house was born. Built on a hill and surrounded by the rolling hills of the countryside, the little house was infused with the spirits of the land and the trees and the wind. And when a child was born within its walls, the little house awakened from its slumber and claimed her as its own. Born three generations before her namesake, Sadie inspired the love of two brothers. But the ill-fated secrets that consumed them all left one of them hanging between madness and despair. And all the time, the little house watched, waiting and yearning for its very own happy ever after.

The second in the Sadie’s House trilogy, The Secrets reveals the history of the house, and unleashes a twisted tale of treachery and deceit that spans almost a century. What were the secrets that the little house held? Who could maintain such deceptions? And what was to become of them all?

The book is written as the prequel to The Key, but would also stand on its own without reading the first. That was always the idea, as they are quite different books. But it's gone to the publisher now, and I look forward to sharing the happy news of its safe delivery. Sadie's House: The Key has a little brother on the way. The family grows. I hope you will join us on our journey.

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