Friday, 28 October 2016


I went back to work after the summer holidays, to a very much changed environment. It's not a myth that people in my profession often work 50, 60 and 70 hour weeks (and more!) and this was the situation I found myself in, trying to adapt to my new role and keep up with the work pace. Lots of new challenges. And so I found myself coming home from work and literally conking out on the sofa, too exhausted to move or even think. And yet there was this latest book to promote.....

However, I took the time to come to a decision about it's future, and have actively disengaged myself from the promotion process over the last couple of months. But I lovingly crafted the story of Albie and Edgar, the history of the house and the secrets and tragedies that developed. "The Secrets" took a long time to write and a long time to edit. Unfortunately in publication something was lost in translation regarding the printing of the book and I can't say that I am happy with the result of the cover. So there are changes afoot, and I will pop up with details of these soon. I am on a fascinating journey and I have been intrigued by the different directions I have taken with regard to venturing into writing and publishing. Publishing my first book was quite frightening and, in hindsight, done too quickly. The second one - well I have dragged my heels and I am still wavering. I can't say too much here until I have sorted it out, but I am in the middle of making a number of changes. The story, however, remains the same.

SO, it's available on Kindle at the moment, if you are curious to find out more. "Sadie's House; The Secrets".

My first book "Sadie's House; The Key" is being completely redrafted, and this is taking AN AGE!!! I have been heavily reassured by several sources that it is common to look back at your first writing with a very critical eye, but I hope I'm not losing anything by redrafting it in the third person, instead of the first. We shall have to wait and see.

And meanwhile, the family remain patient with me as I fling my way precariously between job, writing, cake making and trying to maintain my responsibilities and wife and mother, daughter and sister, friend and pet owner. I have been lucky enough to have quite a few holidays this year. But now the decorating needs doing, the Christmas shopping won't do itself, and there's another good series on Netflix.......

It's a busy old life. I love it :)

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