Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Day

So it snowed. I don't know what happens in the rest of the world but we in the Uk have to have a little chuckle (or a moan) to ourselves every year when the white stuff comes and the whole country grinds to a shivering halt for a while.What it meant for me was a snow day - the school I work in is on fairly high ground and the inches of snow that fell meant that traffic was not able to move freely and the school had to make the decision to close. I get a bit irritated by the teacher bashers, who then go on to complain about school closures - I realise the inconvenience of course but nowadays lots of teachers live many miles away from the schools. If they can't get in, the school can't open to the pupils - there is a health and safety issue in inadequate supervision and its that simple. In any case my son walked to his school, which was open, and only a quater of the pupils turned up. Hey ho.



Snow causes school closures and travel disruption - Monday 21 January

• More snow expected with temperatures set to fall
• Heathrow cancels 1 in 10 flights amid de-icer issues
• School closures across England and Wales

So I had an unexpected day off! Yey!! which meant a bit of cleaning and baking, and then several hours of glorious uninterupted writing. I polished off a couple of poems, entered two into a competition (I'll let you know how that goes!) and set about progressing with Albie. I'm a bit irritated with myself, as I inadvertantly moved some of the text about, and later realised that I had given away a rather large secret early on in chapter 5, so will have to cut and paste and  move it out of the way for now. I am not into editing too much as I write, but it will cause me difficulties if I don't. I have the skeleton of the whole story written down in my note book so there was no excuse for this. Don't know what I was thinking! Ah the trials and tribulations of writing!
Meanwhile I will continue to add little useful snippets that I pick up along the way with regard to writing and publishing. Thank you for your continued support. "Things" still happening in the wings, and I will let you know anything as soon as I can. Have a great week!

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