Sunday, 6 January 2013

Post Christmas Blues

So I am back from my holiday, and like many I suspect I feeling a sense of anticlimax following the holiday period. I have been very fortunate to spend the week away in beautiful countryside, spent half the time in a hot tub and just generally chilled out with my family. I did quite a bit of writing, but found myself writing prose and poetry, as well as continuing with Albie. I hadn't really excpected that. I have updated the poetry page, and will keep doing so until I find out how to add posts to that page (if enyone can enlighten me I would be most grateful - when I type in anything new it deletes anything I had already written and alters the post. I have to keep updating the one post!). I was in awe at the beauty of the sky, the sunsets, the brightness of the stars, and all the time realising that I was being rather corny and unoriginal, could not help but put pen to paper to record  my expereinces.

We stayed in a delightful old renovated barn - Stimmey Barn, to be exact, near Whitchurch in Shropshire (highly recommended!) and were well looked after. We spent lots of time visiting historic towns - Chester, Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Ellesmere and enjoyed shopping, walking and drinks in cosy pubs. So now it's pretty much back to reality.

 I hope that you are all well rested and in good spirits. Last year saw quite a few unanticipated changes in my life, not all as I would wish for, but I have lots to be thankful for. My proudest moment was finishing the book that I had promised myself my whole life. I have lots of wishes for this new year, not least of which is to make really great progress with publication. As soon as things get going I will let you know, but like I said, things are going on behind the scenes - I am learning that these things take time and that I must be patient.

Good luck to all the writers, authors and poets out there (and to everyone else, of course...!) - may you have all the inspiration you can write about and all the success you desire. Now, let's get busy....


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