Saturday, 20 August 2016

The ups and downs of life

Nothing in my life, it seems, is straightforward. In a year in which many things have improved and gone well, I am still stricken with setbacks and irritations that it would be easy to dwell upon. And yet I remain the eternal optimist, despite often being riddled with anxiety. That's my nature, a true Gemini, split personality. It's true.

Lots of lovely things have happened this year. But lots of unhappy things too. Nothing on the scale of the last couple of years, but still enough to leave me sighing and wondering "what next?" And yet there seems to have been Gremlins in the machine for many who have said the same. It's not just me then? But I can't complain. My glass is half full, not half empty. Always.

Which brings me to the update. Sadie's House-The Secrets is about to be printed but not before I have spent another month, after editing, going backwards and forwards to the publisher, to get it right. I was becoming a little frustrated by the whole process, truth be told. But I'm finally happy and I have signed it off. 

So I suppose the moral of the story is this. Rubbish things happen to people, but so do good things. It's easy to ignore the many blessings we have because one thing has gone wrong. Successful people have setbacks but they get over them and move on. Problems are there to be solved, they make us stronger. And better. I strive to improve.

And one more thing. I like this little saying. "Don't be so intent on reaching your destination, that you don't enjoy the journey. Stop once in a while and enjoy the scenery." Wise words.

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