Monday, 24 September 2012

Well that week went quick! Whilst I wasn't looking, summer seems to have disappeared and has been replaced by the Winter! The heating has gone on, it was dark when I went to work and I put my coat on today for the first time this year! What happened? I have had my head down a bit though, between work and writing I havent had time to really notice the season ebbing away. Book Two, Albie's Story has been concieved and he is growing day by day. He will be putting in an appearance sometime next summer hopefully and I eagerly anticipate his arrival!
Meanwhile I would like to support a couple of writers I have sort of adopted and hope that you might take a look at their work and share it.
The poetry of Sadie Wheldon-Shaw (yes, she did inspire the name of my book, although it isn't about this particular Sadie....). A hugely talented young woman who deserves recognition.
Take a look at the work of Casey Harmon, who had his first book published at a young age and has further work now available.
I am rather in awe of this remarkable 13 year old young man who has had two novels published and has tips for other would be writers. Check out his web site and see what he has to say.

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