Sunday, 30 December 2012

In search of inspiration

I'm writing from the glorious Shropshire countryside at the moment, where we have taken over a converted barn for the week to see in the new year. I am trying not to alarm my children and their friends who have joined us, but the sight of me skidding across the kitchen in a two piece to get the hot tub in the garden may well yet put them off their supper...!
         From the hot tub I can see over into a farmer's field, which is very flat and so the view is not too distant. It is rather barren looking at this time of year, being devoid of much n the way of vegetation, and is flooded in patches from the seemingly endless rain. And yet it is peaceful and pleasant in the winter chill. The sky is pale grey, darkening at the edges, with the ever present threat of precipitation - but we didn't come for the sun. At night, devoid or any artificial light the sky looks like the supernatural sky I have written about in Sadie, like a black cloth scattered with hundreds of sparkling diamonds. It's beautiful to gaze upon. About us acres of farmland stretch into the horizon, and given the nature of Sadie's House, and my current writing, Albie's Story, there is endless inspiration. I hope to make a bit of progress with my writing  - it's a bit of a shame I can't splash and type at the same time!
         We will be dining in tomorrow night, so I will be busy in the kitchen. So in advance of all the celebrations, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. And to share with you what I have adopted as my motto for next year.  "Anything is Possible......"

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  1. May not be green but still sounds peaceful and relaxing. A waterproof laptop is what you need. Someone needs to invent one.
    Happy New Year!