Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Next Step

So, what to do now?
This week my life was rather overtaken by school inspection and so no writing. People, particularly students, are often very vocal about "how everything changes" the minute the inspectors are coming. I have vehemently disagreed with this. It may be true for one or two, but I like to think that I prepare inspection ready lessons every time and they found it hard to disagree with this.

Teachers can't be completely perfect every minute of every single day (and we may  try!!!!) but  we try to show our best selves, even more so when on display.We work long hard hours in a difficult and stressful job, only to be continueally harrassed by people who think we do 6 hours a day for 40 weeks a year. Recent government suggestions were that there should be a longer school day and shorter holidays. Come and do the job first for a few weeks, then decide,because after a week of 10 hour days and work eating into most of the holidays, you will change your mind. We can all bash each other's professions, can't we!

Anyway, rant over, we now await the results. My lessons weren't observed, which is a  shame really.

So now I have to decide on my next step. After the excitement of possible publication, and after declining the offer of paying to publish, I have contacted the publisher and thanked them for their consideration. I am going to re - edit Sadie and spend the next 3 months submitting to other publishers. I have been lifted by feedback such as "very unique story" and "we like your style of writing", but I'm not naive. Meanwhile I have been torn, becuase in the writing of Albie, it has become clear to me that this might be better as the third book, and that the book I had planned as the second, "The Healer" would work better as the second. So I have got some work to do. For now, though, the gym is calling, as that is where I get many of my ideas.

Meanwhile, as always, have a great week. It's nearly summer!!!!!

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