Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A Comedy of Errors

My eldest son is currently working in the French Alps for a children's leisure company. We were lucky enough to go out at the weekend to visit him in the beautiful (high!) resort of Val D'Isere and set off on Saturday morning. Just how daft two mature adults can be in trying to reach their destination rather defies the imagination! We got to Geneva easily enough, despite a slightly delayed flight, but spent half an hour wandering about looking for our hire car. We got lost on the way to the mountains. We were late arriving spent an hour going backwards and forwards looking for the agency holding our apartment keys. When we found it there was a notice saying that they were closed but our keys were in the safe. The safe was outside and required a code which we didn't have. I phoned the emergency number to be told that we did have the code and on further investigation we did. There it was, printed on the email they had sent. We gathered the keys and paperwork and proceeded to the car park. They had no record of us, they said and the car park was full. Twenty minutes of arguing and they suggested that we might have a ticket with the keys. We looked. We did.
     With the car parked we proceeded to the apartment block but didn't know what room we were in. Another ten minutes going through the paperwork again before I realised that the details might actually be in with the keys. They were. And so it went on. Over the three days we spent ten minutes trying to push open a door that said pull (finally rescued by a chuckling local), spent an hour trying to return from a ten minute journey (wrong turn....easy mistake), allowed ourselves to be charged €30 for TWO drinks, fell asleep in deckchairs in the snow, tried to put money into a credit card slot at a toll on the road, drove down the mountain in the dark in a blizzard and got lost again when we tried to return to the airport. Luck, not judgement, got us back in the right place. Really, we shouldn't be allowed anywhere unsupervised and I pity our children for times to come as we get older and dottier!

We had an amazing time though, got to spend time with the eldest, who took his dad skiing whilst I took photos and drank  creamy hot chocolate. I had my IPad and took some great snaps of what I can only refer to as Christmastown, and one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. And not to leave the book out of things, although it is finished, I decided on one last read through and still found another half a dozen mistakes. Exhausting all round! 
So that was my Easter weekend! Feeling a bit stupid, all things considered but we got there and back in one piece and now have another lot of memories to share. 
But we will be going Package on our next trip. We can't be trusted otherwise!

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