Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Start as you mean to go on

So today I am very much inspired my very close friend's new blog, a witty repartee about her life around the equestrian world. I will post a link once I work out how to do such a thing on my IPad. It prompted me with the reminder of the promise that I had made to blog a bit more regularly than I have, hence the title of this post.

I am feeling slightly proud of myself this evening as I have completed the latest edit of the current book. Now I just have to have one more read through, then transfer it back to the lap top to complete formatting, then contact the publisher, and then off we go again. This series of events is likely to be slightly hampered by the fact that my laptop is currently out of action, having conked out last week after the hinge broke and subsequently broke the screen. But this will be sorted out in time so that I can complete everything. I seem to have been going at this for AGES but I have to say that I am so excited about this book that I actually got goose bumps as I reached the final chapter today. Is that normal? Perhaps I am biased......

And in my spare time, I am organising the charity event I referred to last time. With a full time teaching job and a large family, spare time is rare, but plans are going really well so I hope to be able to report back with news and photos later.

So, back to my plans...progress so far
Blog reorganised - not yet. Still trying to work out how to do this on ipad
Gym - up to 45 minutes and leg and stamina v much improved
Finish book - got a step further with completion of current edit
Blog more - here we go
Work out iPad- trying my best
Not make a fool of myself- difficult as it seems to come so naturally! (Hitting fellow diners over the head with my new boots bag, trying to climb into a cupboard I had mistaken for the door in the toilets, tripping over myself to name but a few on aforementioned visit to shopping centre.)

Will keep you posted on improvements!

Meanwhile, came across this. So whilst I am going to start now as I mean to go on, here are some wise words.

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