Sunday, 2 December 2012

baby its cold outside....

Well its late in the evening and I am rather tired, but didn't want to go to bed without my weekly blog update. I have spent a glorious evening with the daughter at a Peter Andre concert, which I very much enjoyed,  and realised that the slogan on the teeshirt below is quite true. I'm sure that some future writing will include some of the characters we met this evening. Some quite lovely hosts, a rather drunk lady telling the two of us how beautiful we are (she was very drunk....), a couple of blokes trying to take photos of legs and up dresses (they were drunk too....) and a rather excited offspirng clutching an autograph.......
Photo: Ever feel like you need to wear this shirt? (Found on Pinterest)
It's turned quite cold here now, so my evenings are increasing likely to end up with me snuggled up with the lap top, my head buried in my latest chapter. I put the decorations up at the weekend (photos will follow soon) so thats all taken care of. Now my flu has gone I can get back into the swing of things - I have had no time off work, although I probably should have, but I have to admit I don't much fancy going out at the crack of dawn tomorrow - baby its cold outside!!!!!

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