Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lost the plot - literally!!!

You can tell I am new to this Blogging game, but I will persevere!! I have inadvertantly deleted my first couple of posts!
So just a quick recap-
The purpose of this blog is to chart my journey from unknown would-be author, to who knows where. It may be nowhere, but I have written a novel, the first of three, and hope to find an agent / publisher and see it in print. What happens after that remains to be seen but I will be thrilled if I can get that far.

Sadie's House
Book One, the Key,- a young woman who, bereaved and bereft, buys a decrepid old house which may or may not be enchanted. In restoring the house, Sadie is gradually restoring herself.
Book Two - Albie's Story; the history of the house and Sadie's hitherto unknown connection with it.
Book Three - The Healer, set five years after the first, chronicling Sadie's progress.

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